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Breastfeeding Friendly Clinic Initiative: (NM BFCI)

What is the Breastfeeding Friendly Clinic Initiative (BFCI)?

  • Endorsement program for outpatient health clinics to promote breastfeeding friendly practices as guided by major medical organizations, public health officials, and national guidelines
  • Based on Baby-Friendly® USA Principles
  • Utilizes the California 9-steps to Breastfeeding-Friendly Clinics guidelines
  • Utilizes a “4E” implementation pathway

What will NMBTF offer clinics?

• Direct one-on-one assistance from NMBTF staff
throughout process, like the Baby-Friendly® Hospital
• Grants to clinics to assist with data collection, IT
changes, teaching materials, billing/coding assistance
• Collaboration with other institutions, including
partners from other states
• Specific Endorsement & other benefits to be

How do I learn more?

Contact  or visit our
website at

What has worked and what lessons have already been learned?

• There are many guidelines available, but not many
implementation tools
• Training seems to have been successful in several
• Data collection is a barrier for clinics
• Financial sustainability (e.g. billing/coding) is a barrier

Breastfeeding Friendly Clinic Initiative

9 Steps to a Breastfeeding Friendly Clinic





What are the objectives of BFCI?

• To increase the initiation and duration of
chest/breastfeeding families in New Mexico
• To improve postpartum care in New Mexico
• To increase the number of clinics in New Mexico with
immediate lactation resources
• To improve health care provider education about
chest/breastfeeding, lactation, and supplementation
• To promote chest/breastfeeding as cultural norm
throughout clinic practices in New Mexico