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2023 Exam/ Re-Certification for IBCLC Scholarship

Apply for the 2023 Exam/ Re-Certification for IBCLC Scholarship Today!

The New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force is proud to announce the 2023 Exam/ Re-Certication for IBCLC Scholarship. This applications is open to individuals who are eligible to sit for the IBCLC exam in spring or fall of 2023 or who are up for recertification. Recipients will receive a full scholarships involved in maintaining the IBCLC credential through sitting for the exam or recertification.


If you are having difficulties accessing the application form please email us at

General Requirements

-Candidates must be a current member of the NM Breastfeeding Task Force
-The candidate must have ALL clinical hours completed
-Candidate must be eligible to sit for the exam or re-certify in the Spring or Fall of 2023

-The application must include a letter of recommendation.
-Candidate must live and/or work in NM or border state/town area. 
-Candidate must explain how they personally plan to promote, protect, and support lactation in NM as an IBCLC.
-Candidate must attend a 15 min interview as part of the selection process.
Scholarship Recipient Requirements: 
--If awarded, scholarship recipient must commit to participating in the CLC cohort for 3 1-hour sessions of the convening and participate
--If awarded, the candidate must commit to building a birthwork network and support system among their peers.
--If awarded, scholarship recipient must commit to participating in a webinar, video, blog or conference session to share their experience on how this scholarship supported their journey. 

Priority will be given to candidates who meet the criteria below

-Work in rural communities

-Work in undeserved communities

-Work in communities with limited access to Lactation services.

-Candidates who are bilingual
-Work in tribal communities

-Candidates involved with their local chapters


All application materials for the scholarship must be received by June 30th 2023, at 5pm MST. Candidates approved for the scholarship will be notified by July 14th, 2023.

Please note: candidates are not eligible for a scholarship when employers are paying for the training.

If you have any questions, please email

Frequently Asked Questions about the CLC Scholarship Application

Q: How much time to we have to complete the training? 

A: The deadline will be specified once the scholarship has been awarded on an individual basis


 Q: Do applicants have to be located in New Mexico?

A: Yes, you must be located in New Mexico or border state/town area.


Q: Is a laptop and internet required? 

A: Yes, the training is composed of many self-paced videos and an exam after each video. Internet is required to be able to view the videos and to sit for the exam.


Q: Who will we need to contact with questions? 

A: Please reach out to NMBTF at with any questions You don’t have to be an NMBTF member to apply for this scholarship, and we will support you in this process, so you don’t have to do it alone.